Saturday, 20 November 2010

Adolescence Going On Young Adulthood

This is going to be a very "AWESOME" post.

It was an AWESOME day! Only had 2 lectures and I was done for the day. How great was that?! I didn't do anything in particular but the lovely people who sent me AMAZING gifts as well as all the greetings made my day! They made it less of a depressing-I'm-entering-my-twenties kind of a birthday to a more YAY-IT'S-MY-DAY sort of day! The day actually started off with my dearest Sharon calling me in the middle of the night (Mommy called the day before, before I went to bed). I was SO surprised and was pretty much speechless. HEHEHE.

 Then I woke up and found this awesome masterpiece by the lovely Carolyn on my door. (Left to Right: Christel, Me, Carolyn)

Then after breakfast, I went to get this huge mysterious parcel that has been waiting for me in the office since the day before.

I opened it to find this AWESOME guitar hiding inside! And I was trying to find the name of the sender or anything!

I took a wild guess and thought it had to be one of the girls! So I texted Shenna and got the answer! ALL FOUR OF THEM!

Then later in the day, Christel came over and gave me this cute Momiji.

Then even later-er in the day, Carolyn gave me this. I was telling her that I wanted to get one of these a few weeks ago and she remembered!! So thoughtful!!

And these were the lovely cards that I got. Some later than others but all equally awesome!

And definitely not forgetting this AWESOME bracelet that I got from LIZZIE!! She HANDMADE this! Can you believe it?! The talents that she has astounds me!

Apart from the calls, texts, facebook messages and amazing gifts, another highlight of the day was that I took a leap of courage (is that even right?) and I went to the local piercer/tattooist and got my ears pierced. Again! That was AWESOME!!

I've been meaning to upload this ages ago! But have been procrastinating since the start of reading week. Haaaaahh!

Stay happy & healthy! =D

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Alleycats and Chocolates!

ALLEYCATS! What/Who is that you ask? They are one of the great acapella groups we have here! They launched an album and had a show to celebrate it. It was awesome! They had really awesome soloists (really good looking too) who had AMAZING voices and a couple of beatboxers. I am actually, currently listening to their cd as I type. It was held in the Baptist Church which was surprisingly tiny inside. It was a cold day in general, and I didn't really expect the church to be cold as they had the heating on, but I had to put on my scarf/snood thing and jacket back on! But apart from that, it was just plain brilliant.

Also, mami called in the middle of the show and had to let let it ring (silently) then texted her later to tell her I was at the show. But I called her and ran out of credit then she called back again. And it was great to talk to her. And Shirley called too this afternoon. Then she ran out of battery I think. She needs to get her phone charged!

Well, all in all, I guess this was a brilliant way to end my teenage years.

Spread peace, love and hope! Stay happy and healthy! =)

Monday, 1 November 2010

"The Start of an Ending"

I like this phrase. It tells us that there's never really an ending. When something ends, something else starts. It, I guess, gives us hope that there can be better things waiting for us at the new beginning, that we can start over, do and be better and even work harder.

Where October has ended, November has taken it's place. My teenage years have flown away with the breeze of October while the start of my adult years awaits me in a couple of days. HAH! Who thought I could write stuff like this. Anyways, back to the topic, it's sort of scary that I'm actually classified as an adult already. I know, I'm still young, but the transition from being a teenager to an adult is pretty overwhelming. Think about it. Adulthood comes with responsibility, decision-making (which I am rubbish at) and not forgetting wisdom teeth!

Which brings me to the next thing, my mouth/gum has decided to give me an advanced birthday present! I see my wisdom tooth peeking out somewhere at the back of my mouth. Like Shenna said, gaining wisdom so soon? XD
The lovely calendar Nisah sent to us last semester!

Well, apart from the scariness, I am looking forward to seeing what adult life is like. I guess everyone has gone through a phase where they wonder what adulthood is like. What do you do when you're an adult? How is it different? Will I be like that someday? I guess now that I'm on the edge of my teenage years, I kind of see that it's not much different than when I turned 16. Only I'm not turning 16.

Have a lovely week! Stay happy and healthy! Love, Peace and Hope! 

Friday, 29 October 2010

The Very First

I have been thinking about getting a blog. And I obviously, ended up deciding I should. =)

Anyway, my reasons for setting up this blog page are mainly to keep things (mostly random ones) recorded down for my benefit, to keep my family connected (somehow), possibly start a new routine and to release my 'creative' (in the loosest sense of the word) side.

I have been meaning to write up a post but have been delaying it until today because I had been studying for a test (which went okay), had to finish 2 tutorials (I ended up finishing 1 and a half =) and a microlab which was due today too. I was pretty worked up the whole week just because of the test. And so, to release the tension, I am currently listening to one of my playlists that has been on repeat for the whole week, typing this and just lazing around.

OH! I received a parcel from home earlier this week! And the things that came in it were absolutely fantastic!
 KEROPOK FROM HOME! YAY! All of those came in the package except the chocs!


MORE KEROPOK! WOOHOO! MEE GORENG! MAGGI MEE! WOW! I'm definitely stocked up for the year! =D

I made them send me a pair of rubber slippers too! Just because I was too lazy to go out on a hunt for them. =P

These definitely made my whole week. So every time I got flustered about my test I only had to open the drawers and have  a nibble or just a peek then I would be fine again. I also have The Last Airbender and one of the many seasons of Phua Chu Kang. I wanted the movie but I don't think it was out yet. Oh well. I'll wait.

That's it for now! Spread peace, love and hope! Stay happy and healthy! =D