Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Alleycats and Chocolates!

ALLEYCATS! What/Who is that you ask? They are one of the great acapella groups we have here! They launched an album and had a show to celebrate it. It was awesome! They had really awesome soloists (really good looking too) who had AMAZING voices and a couple of beatboxers. I am actually, currently listening to their cd as I type. It was held in the Baptist Church which was surprisingly tiny inside. It was a cold day in general, and I didn't really expect the church to be cold as they had the heating on, but I had to put on my scarf/snood thing and jacket back on! But apart from that, it was just plain brilliant.

Also, mami called in the middle of the show and had to let let it ring (silently) then texted her later to tell her I was at the show. But I called her and ran out of credit then she called back again. And it was great to talk to her. And Shirley called too this afternoon. Then she ran out of battery I think. She needs to get her phone charged!

Well, all in all, I guess this was a brilliant way to end my teenage years.

Spread peace, love and hope! Stay happy and healthy! =)

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